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Price Down List

Product Price Down List starting January 2019~


8 thoughts on “Price Down List

  1. Can i ask for one pics.@ image of ur products so that my frend also can order.We are many pilipina here in tokyo…Thank u

    1. Good day

      Browse here to check all our products

      Thank you

  2. Hello we want to buy all girls here in tokyo but we need to know if the price here is per piece only? Please reply.thank u

    1. You can see all prices per product via
      Please read the product description

  3. And also did u accept cash delivery?

    1. Yes you can select your payment method upon checkout

  4. Good day! How can I checkout the products I put in the cart?

    1. Good day

      Click the cart button on the upper right
      or on this link

      Thank you

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